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NEW Shettleston FAC

Logo Design • Summer 2020

Shettleston Football and Athletic Club is a Scottish football club based in Shettleston, in the East End of Glasgow. Nicknamed the Town, they were formed in 1903 and are based at Greenfield Park

As Shettleston will be moving to senior football in 2020, the club asked Suit Suit Studio to design a new club logo featuring the new club name of Shettleston Football & Athletic Club. The club requested a modern update of its existing logo but also to remain sympathetic to supporters who have become attached to the existing club crest.

The new club logo features the elegant typeface Raleway and includes a slight redraw of the boat motif.

Shown below is the new club logo as well as some other designs which didn’t make the cut. Also check out a small ident created to showcase the new logo.

Shettleston will begin life in the new West of Scotland Football League this Autumn and Suit Suit Studio wish the club well for the new season.

New club crest

The new Shettleston FC logo
Aniamted GIF Shettleston FC

Initial ideas for the new logo

Initial ideas for Shettleston FC logo