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Mobile web apps

There’s an app for that you know!

Suit Suit Studio can take your document to a new level by turning it into a web app. This is a wonderful piece of web technology that makes a folder full of web content appear as a native device on a mobile device.

The content itself is HTML, but the HTML can be saved to the viewer’s home screen just like a native mobile app.

Combine that with the ability of most mobile devices to save a Web App in an offline cache, and the viewer doesn’t even have to be online when the Web App is later re-launched from the device’s home screen.


  • Download a publication to your device for offline reading
  • Simpler and cheaper than building a native app for a mobile device
  • Full responsiveness and browser compatibility
  • App-like interface
  • Works on all devices

Add our portfoilo to your home screen

*Must be viewed on a mobile device – preferably an iPad

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