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Hourly Rate: £20
Daily Rate: £160

Suit Suit Studio offers a comprehensive range of design services at unbelievable value and with some great deals included in the cost.

Service Price Range
Poster Design (any size and shape)£80 – £120
Pop Up Banners / Outdoor Adverts£80 – £120
Single sided leaflet£80 – £120
Double sided leaflet£100 – £140
4 page leaflet£120 – £180
8 page leaflet£180 – £240
16 page booklet£240 – £400
32 page brochure, magazine or report£480 – £800
64 page brochure magazine or report£800 – £1280
Packaging and labelsPlease contact for a quote
Suit Suit Studio can also provide a quote for any type of print not included on this list. This includes all types of folding and cuts.

Please also note that the costs displayed on this list are for design only.

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  • Spend between £80 – £180 and get two free digital versions of your design for use on a website and social media.
  • Spend over £180 and get two free animated digital versions of your design (5 seconds in length)
  • If your magazine, brochure or report is over 32 pages then you will get a free digital or HTML version of your publication.
Service Price Range
Logo design from £240
Convert your sketch to a logo from £60

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  • Free animated 5 second video ident with each logo purchased over £240
Service Price Range
Digital advert £60 – £100
Animated GIF £80 – £120
HTML5 Advert £120 – £160
Motion Graphics from £160

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  • Only £10 extra for each resize of a jepg or GIF
  • Only £20 extra for each resize of a HTML5 advert
Service Price Range
Website Design from £380
e-mail newsletter design from £160

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  • Each website includes free hosting and domain name for 1 year