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Suit Suit Studio can design engaging print & publications but do you know we can also publish this content online?

Furthermore we can add an extra dimension to your online document with features such as video, audio, animation and slideshows which are not possible on print.

By exporting your publication in HTML5 format we can take your document online with rich interactivity on any device. Your document can even be hosted online on your own website without the need to use a service such as Issuu or Flipping Book.

Furthermore you can track where your web visitors are coming from and what information they are interested in by embedding Google Analytics code.


  • Magazine layouts online with rich interactivity
  • Read on any device
  • Add extra features to your online document such as animation and slideshows
  • Display video and include audio on your publication
  • Turn your publication into a mobile web app
  • Turn your publication into an online ‘flip book’
  • Track where your web visitors are coming from through Google Analytics
  • Host the publication on your own website rather than Issuu or Flipping Book

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